The little blue men have recently hunted down and captured a group of earth “people” identifying themselves as”. Due to the catastropic damage they have caused to one third of our home planet, we will hold them in indentured servitude until our homesphere is rebuilt! However, we are peaceful beings so they will be allowed to serve their time on their own sphere (besides, their heads would implode in our atmosphere and THAT wouldn’t do any of us any good, would it! ).


The New CD from Consortium Of Genius


The lab adventures continue with this monsteripiece of musical anarchy!
Starring Dr. Pinkerton, Dr. A Pentatonic, and Dr. Z, this album supplies 24 tracks of slammin’ sonic science, served up straight-faced with a side order of silly sketches!


Consortium Of Genius
History Of Future Civilization Volume 1: 1997-2003
(DVD) Little Blue Men 1059


The DVD includes:

  • A full-length 50 minute concert video
  • The 30 minute film C.O.G. vs. the Phantom’ (with commentary)
  • Music videos for ‘Palcebo’, ‘Destroy Old Things’ and ‘I Scream’
  • Previously unseen music video for
  • ‘Death to the Angel of Death’ (with commentary)
  • TV commercials – ‘Pinkerton for President’ and ‘The Dr. Z Book Club
  • The Filbert File (with commentary)
  • The 2000 Infomercial (with commentary)
  • The original 1997 infomercial
  • An animated tour of the Secret Lab
  • Easter Eggs and a Secret Message
  • Featuring The C.O.G.’s Greatest Songs including
  • Brain Wrap/Death To The Angel Of Death/Bow 2 Me/Destroy Old Things/Placebo!/Science
  • Party/I Scream/Dance or Die/LoBoToMy/Android Woman/Black Plague/March Of The Skeletons

Dr. Pinkerton (played by Lewis D’Aubin), the leader, lead vocalist, and self-proclaimed next ruler of the world…

Dr. A Petatonic (played by Jeff King), the habitually inebriated scientist of uncertain qualifications, who lays dow the monster-sized slabs of guitar powered electricity

Dr. Z (played by Jim Fairchild), the funky-fresh middle-eastern man whose full name is unpronoucable by most western tongues, and whose bass waves resonate across five continents; and

Drumbot (played by Drumbot), the smart-alecky video-robotic creation of the C.O.G., whose impeccable drumming keep the beat going strong all night long