COG (Consortium Of Genius) : In Cog We Trust

Tracks: I Have The Power, a temporary loss of power, LoBoToMy, Destroy Old Things, all hands report to the lab, Reach Out and Touch the Hand, Placebo!, Chati Che Cow (Show ’em to me NOW), Radiosonic ruckus, Why Do We Do It, Dance or Die, Dogmatic Deliberations, Yer Dawg Iz Ded, The Cowboys of Genius, (I’m Not Jealous of the) Showerhead

Beth Patterson : Take Some Fire

Tracks: Exodus, Spin, Quicksilver, Balance of This Dance, Take Some Fire, Flow, Wings, Nemesis, Eden, Dream Blue Water, Primitive, Coiling, Sideswipe, In The Name of Honor, Goodnight Kiss; Special Guest Appearances: Makgathi Mokwena, Ron Keller, Tony Serio, Errol Di Bona, Justin Murphy, Peter Holsapple

Beth Patterson : Hybrid Vigor

LBM 102 Tracks 1. Reels: A Crack In The Doorway/Hell To Pay/Dip In The Road 2. Je M’endors (The French Blues) 3. Mambolka: Tumbling In The Quays/ The Winking Lion 4. Heather On The Moor 5. Jigs: Mary Patterson’s/All In The Family /The Rathfarnham Lilters 6. The Lass Of Aughrim 7. Waltzes: Hauling Coffee/The Road […]

Joy Buzzer : Joy Buzzer vs. the Critics from Europa

LBM 103 Tracks 1. Towing Consequences 2. Fear 3. Thirteen Strawberry Cream Filled Pies 4. Treasures Not Of This World 5. Heaven On Earth 6. Cinnamon 7. The River 8. Hopscotch 9. White Trash 10. Push 11. Under TheStreetlight 12. Angel 13. Starman PRODUCED BY RON KELLER Recorded and released 1999 © 1999 Little BlueMen […]

Joy Buzzer : Joy Buzzer

LBM 101 Tracks 1. ‘Till Morning Arrives 2. My Dysfunctional Baby 3. Meat 4. Open Her Eyes 5. Break Out 6. Marked 7. No One 8. Prisioner 9. Ostrich Man 10. I Was Wrong 11. Father Of Terror 12. Boys In Blue PERSONNEL Joy Buzzer is: Ron Hotstream – vocals, lead/rhythm guitar guitars Greg Mariano […]