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flyer_may_2007Consortium Of Genius – New live shows and Television Episodes!

C.O.G., the Consortium Of Genius will be performing live at The Howlin’ Wolf, Friday May 11th at the Howlin’ Wolf. Special guest will be Mad Mike.

A New Television Episode of COG will premier on COX 10 Friday, May 11th at 8 pm and Monday, May 14th at 8 pm. Special appearances by Fatter Than Albert and Beth Patterson!

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A special word from COG

By now those of you with Cox cable TV have probably seen the commercial advertisement for the upcoming TV episode! We’re getting reports of it going out at random times on all stations. But we need even MORE exposure to put this show over the top – it deserves no less! Make sure you warn your friends about our upcoming lecture Friday, May 11th at the Howlin’ Wolf. And if YOU know of a public location that could benefit from a nice color poster advertising the show, please REPLY to this email and tell us!

Keep Spreading The Word

Dr. Pinkerton
In memory of our dear friend Jack Neilson…
We are devestated by the loss of one of our closest friends, singer-songwriter Jack Neilson. He was a gentle soul who laughed freely and easily, and an amazing talent, however humble to the core. He toured with Arlo Guthrie’s “City of New Orleans” tour recently, and for years has blessed so many people with his music and sweet spirit. To learn more about him, check out his site at We love you, Jack.

New Tornaod CD available NOW!
The much-anticipated Tornaod CD, Orin, is now available on CD Baby! The new release features jigs, reels, and Breton tunes and songs so loved by the traditionalists, but also displays a heavy rhythm section and original songs that seamlessly blend the traditional vibe with prog-rock arrangements. Check out “Gwenva,” a modern Celtic rock epic, and “The Two of Cups,” co-written by Tornaod mastermind Tomaz Boucherifi-Kadiou and Beth Patterson (sung as a duet). These guys are dynamic passionate performers, full of infectious energy…and they’re very cute, which doesn’t hurt, either. Guest artists include E.J. Jones (Clandestine, The Willow Band)and Betsy Braud (Jazz Nurse). Whether you’re more trad or more rad, Tornaod serves up a disc to whet every musical appetite. Available at
Join Beth, William Baldwin, and Orville Redenbacher for the evening…
The Little Blue Men just found out that the film One Eyed King (which some of you may know used Beth’s version of “The Lass of Aughrim”), featuring Billy Baldwin and Armand Assante, is now available for rental in Blockbuster and other fine cultural centers. Check it out at

New live Beth Patterson CD, “Caught in the Act,” is finally out!
After a year of live tapings, the newest release on Little Blue Men Records, Beth Patterson’s “Caught in the Act” is finally available, featuring fifteen songs previously unreleased by Beth solo (originals and trad pieces) and some eyebrow-raising stories thrown in for good measure. This album is mostly her one-woman, one-bouzouki show, but also spotlights her trio Kalafka (Tom Jenkins on bass and Ron Keller on percussion)for a couple of tunes.

New COG CD invades Little Blue Men Records!
For those of you who have been following the twisted antics of the Consortioum of Genius, their latest brainchild, IN COG WE TRUST, was released on November 13th at the Howlin’ Wolf. If you happen to miss these cerebral miscreants, you can still order online.. Check out how hilariously they mangle metal, desecrate dance pop, and bastardize bhangra (among other horrors). And yes, yer ole pal Miss Beth got to play too, adding a few unusual instruments and character voices (including a redneck and a bimbo, go figure) to “Showerhead,” and “Funky Fresh.” Other guest appearances include Sean Yseult (White Zombie)and our own Ron Keller (commander of the Little Blue Men mothership). It’s scandalous!!!