Rockit Studio


The Little Blue Men decided long ago that recording in the outskirts of New Orleans provided the best atmosphere to obtain the sound they were seeking. They named the compound “ROCKIT STUDIO”, since it contained parts to their ride home.

Rockit Studio is located just minutes outside of New Orleans, LA, and is known across the universe for its facility and talented cast of individuals. Rockit has been helping musicians achieve their best for over 25 years as an established business.

The warm, friendly atmosphere, the acoustics, these are things that help explain the long success of Rockit Studio. Ron Keller has been a part of the studio for many years, as a producer, as a engineer, and of course as a musician. Nick Love joined the team several years ago adding his expertise as engineer and technical guru.

We hope you will consider us when you are ready to do you next CD. Call us at 504 232 6556 for rates, schedule and more..